Cars are such a commonly used piece of technology, every single day of our lives we see so many cars, during just a short walk down the road it is likely you’ll see upwards of 100 cars. Cars are the most popular form of transport, due to environmental concerns more people are opting to walk or cycle short journeys rather than drive and more people than ever before are opting to take public transport for longer journeys. But, even with people making these changes, cars are still the most common form of transport, whether you can drive yourself or if you’re often a passenger in a car then you’ll be so used to driving you’ll have stopped asking questions. There is so much stuff to know about cars that most people are unaware of, from how to find your mercedes history VIN info to what to do if your engine explodes, there is a lot to learn about cars. One great way to gain a better understanding of cars is to go back to the start of the process and learn all about how cars are made. This is something most people, even though driving, aren’t actually aware of so we’ve summed it up for you here.

The Assembly Line

Before the introduction of the assembly line in 1913, making cars was a difficult task that took days and days for just 1 car to be produced. This is why back in the day it was only the really wealthy who could afford to purchase a car as the costs from the amount of time and people working on it would have to be reflected in the price. This made cars quite elitist and having a car was a sign of your wealth, however, in 1913 this all changed. Henry Ford was the man behind the implementation of the moving assembly line and it was this that allowed the mass production of cars. Ford had been working on making cars more efficiently as he wanted the prices of his cars to be lower so that they were more accessible, in 1908 he created the Ford T model which was considerably cheaper than previous models but nowhere near as cheap as cars one the assembly line was implemented. The assembly line was such a success that it was copied by hundreds of manufacturing companies, not just those making cars and it is still used by manufacturing companies today.

How is a car made?

Each and every car had thousands and thousands of parts in it to make it work, this means that it is a pretty complex procedure how cars are made but we’ve summed up the most important bits for you. First of all, a car is designed, this is usually based on feedback from focus groups to find out what new features people are wanting to see in a car. Following this, the engineering of the car stage starts, this involves creating a prototype and running hundreds of tests to check the safety of it, for example, crash tests and various weather testing. At this stage engineers also check the fuel economy of the car as there is a worldwide movement to make cars more environmentally friendly. Once the prototype gets the go-ahead the car goes to the assembly line and manufacturing begins, things like quality improvements and performance tests are run at this phase. Once the manufacturing stage has been completed, this can take up to 3 years, then there is a launch date for the car and after this point, it is available for purchase.

Taking the necessary steps to help save the planet and make your company more energy efficient is no easy task, it can be hard to adjust to a lifestyle where you have to be cautious with the amount of energy you use but, if we are going to succeed in preserving our environment then everyone must do their bit to help. Large companies are one of the biggest factors when it comes to high energy consumption levels, especially those that use large offices to work from as they use a lot of office equipment and many of their buildings use power twenty-four hours a day.


There are many steps that can be taken to help make your company much more energy efficient without having a significant impact on how you run your business on a daily basis. Making small changes to your office can really help save power, with more drastic changes you can even help generate power which can then be sold back to the national grid, making your business more profitable whilst helping to save the planet.


Switch to Solar Power

Installing solar panels may be daunting, it is admittedly an expensive process but is one that could help you make money in the future. It is unrealistic to think that you could run all of your business premises on solar power but by simply installing a few panels you could really reduce the amount of energy you use. In the years after you invest in solar power, you could even begin to make enough energy to sell back to the national grid, this helps reduce the amount of power that is needed in other establishments and could make you a serious amount of money. There are many companies out there who offer high quality and affordable solar power options. Exclusive Leads Agency teaches how to get solar leads and can offer much other helpful advice when it comes to making the switch to solar energy.


Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Changing your lightbulbs from the normal design to a power-saving option is a great way to reduce your power consumption, especially if your company requires lighting twenty-four hours a day, making the switch to energy-saving light bulbs can make a huge difference. The great thing is that although they use less power, thanks to new innovations there is little difference in the quality of lighting between the power-saving models and the normal ones.


Limit the Use of Office Appliances

If your offices use a lot of appliances such as computers, printers, and phones you may want to think about putting measures in place to limit the amount of unnecessary usage and power that is being wasted. Of course, you should only take steps like this if it is not going to affect the productivity of your staff and you could save a lot of power simply by ensuring that things are switched off properly when not in use. Another great way to limit the amount of unnecessary appliance usage would be to organize a method of signing out certain appliances if you find that a member of your staff is using too much electricity you can suggest that they are more conscious of how much they use the office equipment and help them to reduce it.


Encourage Staff to Recycle

Although this suggestion is not necessarily about saving energy, increasing the amount of recycling that goes on at your offices is a great way to help preserve our planet. By simply installing more bins for recyclable materials and encouraging your staff to use them properly you can seriously reduce the amount of landfill waste that is produced by your company.


Smart Meter

A final step that you can take to help reduce your company’s energy consumption would be to take advantage of the smart meters that are so readily available on the market. A smart meter allows you to monitor the amount of energy you use and if you find that your levels are too high you can implement more of the steps mentioned above, to help reduce your electrical usage. If you have the means to regularly monitor the amount of electricity your company uses you will find it much easier to reduce them.

With all of the trials and tribulations we have faced this year I would one hundred percent recommend that if you have the opportunity to flip a house, you do so. Especially if you are someone who has recently lost work and is looking for a project to occupy your time and make some money, then house flipping could be the one for you. If you have a creative streak and an interest in interior design then why not take the opportunity to take some time away from work and really dive into a new project that could make you some serious money.


Family Project

After this very stressful year I think it would be safe to say how much we should be cherishing our families, flipping a house is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and having some fun whilst you redecorate the property. There is a chance for every family member to voice their input when it comes to interior design and you will find that doing a project like this with your loved ones is a great relaxation tool. Depending on what you decide to do with the house after you have finished decorating, it may be a good idea to split the cost of the house flip between a group and split any profits once the house sells. This will make the project less daunting as nobody has had to pay the whole amount and you have peace of mind that you will not suffer a huge loss if things do not go to plan.


Break from Working

After the stresses we have faced in the last few months taking a break from work may not be a bad idea, by taking time off to do a project such as a house flip it means that you can have peace of mind that you are not just losing money and that you are spending time away from work doing something just as productive. If you wanted to rent the property out to tenants and keep the house as an asset for you and your family you can definitely say that the time taken away from work was beneficial as you are further securing your future and financial security.


After the last few months where our financial security has dwindled and the prospect of work has changed forever, having a stable asset and income that you can rely on is definitely a welcome thing. Renting out your house is a great option as it allows you to make a nice income whilst retaining the asset, depending on your situation you may also choose to sell for a set amount of profit. Both are still good money makers and if you wanted to sell then thehouseguys will buy your house in virginia, it would be a safe bet to use a professional realtor in order to get the best price and the best tenants for your property.


Design and Creativity

A house flip is a great opportunity to be creative and design a house the way you really love, if you have a passion for interior design or you just enjoy decorating a room in a way that really changes it for the better, then a project like this would be perfect for you. If you are looking at doing this on a budget then don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune on making sure everything is perfect especially if you are planning on selling the house as the new owners will probably want to put their own spin on the place. You can really change the appearance of the house with a few simple tricks, the floors and walls should be your main focus, as this makes the property more sellable to someone who wants to avoid doing this job themselves. A new carpet and a lick of paint for the walls should be enough to find a buyer, if you have a less restricted budget feel free to go the extra mile but bear in mind that you are not going to be living there yourself.


Solid Investment

Flipping a house has many benefits including providing an escape from the stresses we have faced recently, but the simple fact remains that one of the biggest benefits of doing this is that you are more than likely going to make a good profit or you are going to have an asset within the family. Getting a break from work is great but being able to relax when you think about financial security and the future of your family is even better, if you have the opportunity to get out and do a project like this then I would highly recommend that you do so.

It won’t be long before the growing season is upon us again, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to be doing with our gardens. It’s never too early to start planning out what you want to grow and where especially when it comes to your fruit and vegetables.


Some crops benefit from rotation due to the nutrients they take from the soil, but there are ways to prepare your soil so you don’t have to do this. One obvious way to do this will be to use fertilizer. There are many different fertilizers, and some are suited to some plants better than others. You can put some in the soil prior to planting or give it to the plants in a water-based solution after planting.

If you have a large number of plots you need to fertilize, and ones that all need different fertilizer, this can seem to be a daunting task to do by hand. However, you can get a two behind spreader to use in your garden to make the job quicker and easier, such as the ones described here at but these would only be good for prior to planting.


Tilling the soil is essential to encourage good plant growth but it is especially essential for growing vegetables. Root vegetables will need good soil that they can push down through to grow properly, and tall vegetable such as sweetcorn needs to be able to grow a good root system, and untilled soil can prevent the growth. Not only that, but tilling the soil can help to move the nutrients through it, and help the little bugs (such as worms) that are vital to the quality of the soil be able to move through it easier.

An industrial floor is a seamless concrete floor, it has many features that make it more suitable than a normal floor in many locations, indoor and outdoor, most commonly used in places such as a warehouse where a lot of heavy machinery is used. Traditional industrial floors have important features such as they are more durable, meaning they’ll be more resistant to scratches, dents, and just general damage that can be caused from day to day operations. They are usually flat, impermeable, and have great thermal insulation to help prevent the structure from being damaged. Machinery is heavy so industrial floors absolutely have to be able to withstand compression, the concrete is usually reinforced with mesh to give it a strong tensile strength as well as compressive strength. One of the most important features of an industrial floor is vital in keeping any workers safe during their shifts, as the floor is concrete and there is usually heavy machinery around if a staff member were to fall it could be dangerous. Therefore, industrial floors must be non-slip floors to protect workers and prevent any major accidents.

Why Use Industrial Floor Cleaners?

It’s so important that you know how to properly clean hardwood floors to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. Industrial floors usually cover a very large surface area so it can be a time-consuming task to ensure they’re cleaned thoroughly. When it comes to industrial floors your standard mop and floor cleaner might not be the best choice. Luckily though with industrial floors comes industrial floor cleaners.


The first industrial floor cleaner is the most useful – the vacuum. Industrial vacuums are considerably bigger than a household vacuum and have a much greater capacity meaning you won’t have to keep emptying it, they also can hoover up both wet and dry things leaving your floors already looking much cleaner.


The industrial sweeper is another great cleaner, it’s easy to control and very safe, it simply uses rotating brushes to sweep dirt from the floor into a container that can be easily disposed of when you’ve swept the whole floor.

Scrubber Driers

It is equally as important to remove any underlying dirt as well as surface-level dirt as any underlying dirt that’s left can compromise the integrity of the floor structure. Scrubber driers are used to remove the underlying dirt, they mirror the action of using a small scrubber, but on a much larger scale. It uses a special type of detergent and a great feature of the machine is that the way it works stops the floor from getting too wet as that can be a health & safety hazard. They are much more powerful and efficient than if you were to use your equipment from home, using any other basic equipment is not recommended.

Should You Invest?

If you have an industrial floor then investing in floor cleaners is a necessity, no doubt about it. It would be a ridiculously difficult task to clean your floor without them. The price of industrial floor cleaners ranges anywhere from $600 to $20,000. We would recommend buying a mid-range one as if you were to buy the cheapest the likelihood is it won’t last as long or be as good so you’ll either spend more on replacing it or on maintenance costs over the years. We also don’t recommend spending $20,000 on floor cleaners as there are some great ones available at much lower prices. Another option if you don’t have the cash available yet is to hire equipment to use whilst you save to invest in your own.

Most of us live our lives without thinking about where our stuff goes when we rinse something down the sink or flush the toilet, but there are some people who work to keep these systems running smoothly for all of us. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into these systems, and I will explain why septic tank pumping in braselton or other places near bodies of water is a very much needed service.


Septic Tanks

A septic tank is something that helps to breakdown the solid matters in sewage and filters the water. They are the most vital part of the process, being the first part that the sewage enters before being moved to the next parts for extra filtration, and any issues with this cause issues further through the process as well. Due to the sheer amount of sewage that flows through this tank, to properly maintain the tank it needs regular servicing (usually every 2-3 years). The way to clean it out is to pump the tank, to remove the build-up of sludge and debris. This helps to keep the system running smoothly and to prevent too much bacteria from being in the system, but some sludge needs to be left in the tank to keep the right balance of bacteria. It’s a very delicate system. These systems are very common especially across America near water bodies which help in putting the water back into waterways.


Treatment Plant

A treatment plant is the next step in the filtration process for sewage, although not every system has this. These typically use air to help further break down and treat waste, creating cleaner and safer liquid before it moves onto the dispersal area. This will also need regular maintenance, and desludging every so often helps to prevent solids from continuing through the system which can cause blockages. However, cleaning out your septic tank regularly, it will help to keep this part functioning properly too.


Dispersal Area

This is the final part of the sewage system. This consists of a series of pipes and chambers which diverts the water for its final treatment. If the sewage is coming from a septic tank, then the dispersal area will direct it to soakaways due to the bacteria remaining in it. If it is coming from a treatment plant, then the water can be fed directly into local streams or ditches. But any blockages within this system can cause a pipe to burst and leak, which could be damaging to the environment. If this does happen, a professional would be called in to look at that matter and repair the system.


There are of course ways in which we can help with this system in our own households. That includes not flushing things down the toilets that shouldn’t be flushed (such as baby wipes and cotton buds) and using a drain catcher to stop large chunks of food from going down the plug.

The Industrial Revolution saw our world move into an age of development. And as our technology advanced so did our methods of shipping. And it is, without a doubt, thanks to our efficiency at shipping goods and materials that our world has boomed into the capitalist wonderland it is.

But we are now faced with an issue of massive proportions. 2021 could see a massive slowdown in industrial shipping across the globe. But what does this mean? And how does it affect the general public?


The Consequences

A shipping slowdown would be exactly what it sounds like. All industrial shipping would take longer to arrive at its destination than before. And this has a knock-on effect as every freighter that is a late will, in turn, make more freighters late.

This slowdown isn’t concerned with your amazon delivers, but rather industrial products such as building equipment and materials. Mass components for electronic factories. New products being shipped in from the warehouse. Everything that isn’t on a store shelf or in an amazon warehouse will suddenly be in short supply.

This means hundreds of companies will suffer. Construction firms will be unable to work and prices for materials will rise significantly. It will become more difficult to find pest control in Rocklin or anywhere due to a lack of chemicals.

And, of course, the biggest issue. Food. A lot of first-world nations no longer produce a lot of food within their own territory. Not enough to feed a nation. So they import a lot of it. Suddenly, store shelves will be bare and empty. Luxury products will vanish. You will have to pre-order food just to secure it.

The Pandemic

The biggest reason for this potential slowdown is, of course, the global pandemic. No one could have seen it coming. No one could have imagined the devastating effect it would have on the economy and the world at large. And we will still be feeling the sting of the pandemic.

The effect of lockdown is, in many counties, imposing a lot of quarantine restrictions on goods being brought into countries. A lot of products have to be locked away for two weeks first to make sure they are safe.

A lot of the import channels are also being reserved to bring in medical equipment and PPE. Which is good considering how vital the fight against the virus is. But the knock-on effect is slowed down shipping.


Another massive factor that is contributing is the famous Brexit. For those that don’t know, Brexit was a vote held by the United Kingdom in which they decided to leave the European Union. While they are still sorting out the finer details, it seems it is headed towards a disaster that will have lasting consequences.

Many people are worried that Brexit is going to cause a lot more restrictions for imports in and out of the UK. And, with it being one of the world’s leading superpowers, this is going to have a knock-on effect for everywhere else. This would be fine on its own if it wasn’t for the lockdown effect also piling on top.

Will it Happen?

We have to keep in mind a slowdown of this scale isn’t certain. There are so many things that can bed done to avoid it. Ships can be converted into cargo vessels. Roads can be cleared to ensure quick transport. Governments can reduce taxes on shipping firms and allow them to employ more staff.

We are living in uncertain times. All we can do is believe in each other and keep socially distancing to avoid spreading the virus.

As a kid, we all dreamed of winning a golden ticket. A Candy Factory was as much as a fantasy landscape as Middle Earth. And with movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tantalizing us even more, many people have often found themselves wanting a look inside these factories. To see where the world’s most delicious sweet treats are produced.

The actuality of these factories isn’t quite as whimsical as the movies would have you believe, but they are every bit as fascinating and stupendous. Housed within the factories are magnificent machines that use science and engineering to create incredible candies daily.

But how do these machines work? And what machines are actually used? Come with us as we take a look at what goes on inside a modern Candy Factory.


The Chocolate Machine

We spoke to some experts over at foodplusice to better understand how exactly a chocolate machine works. Before the coca beans ever make it to the factory they undergo a process of fermentation followed by a heavy session of drying in the sun. After this has been done they are inspected and then shipped to the factory.

The machines used to create chocolate bars do a few different things. Firstly they will roast the beans. A large oven-like compartment will reach temperatures of up to 100 Degrees or higher. Once roasted the beans are moved onto the cracking section. The machinery will crack open all the shells and then use an industrial fan to gently separate the shells from the actual chocolate part.

Then the chocolate, known as the nibs, is poured into a massive vat. Here the grinding process takes place turning it into a chocolate paste. They then add the cocoa butter and mix it all together in an industrial mixing vat. It is at this point the mixture is poured into the molds to set into the familiar bar shape.



The process behind taffy is a lot simpler than chocolate. There are really only two major stages of the process.

The first is mixing. Taffy is made up of a combination of different chemicals and additives. It isn’t as natural as chocolate. So, a strong industrial mixed is needed to combine the ingredients. Taffy is very sticky so the machine also has to keep it hot and be strong enough to churn the substance.

Next comes the stretching. Previously this process was done by hand. You’ll most likely have seen a video of someone stretch the dough-like taffy around their arm over and over again. This is the general idea of the Taffy Stretching Machines simulate. Using powerful rotors, they stretch and thin the taffy down into more manageable sizes.

After this, the taffy is moved onto a cutting conveyer belt. Here they use powerful industrial cutting machines to slice the taffy up into its desired shapes and sizes.



Marshmallows follow a similar creation pattern to Taffy but require a different machine to create their unique shape.

The mixing process is similar, although the marshmallow mixture is a lot lighter and fluffier than that of Taffy, so the mixing machine doesn’t have to work as vigorously.

After this, the mixture is fed through a special piping machine. The machine manages to dole exactly the right amount of mixture through specialized pipes. This creates a long tube of marshmallows. Then this tube is put under a cutter and finely cut into the specific shape, all the while being slightly heated to allow it to keep its fluffy texture right up until it is sealed for freshness.


Denmans is an extremely well-known name within the industrial wholesale industry, offering a wide range of construction tools and materials for very reasonable prices and at the very best quality. If you are someone who is interested in bulk buying building materials then Denmans would have to be the place to visit, with helpful and knowledgeable staff Denmans is known for offering brilliant advice in terms of what would be the best for your project. Denmans is also great at offering contracts to construction businesses, allowing a genuine relationship to be formed between business and client and allowing companies to have everything they need at any given time. The convenience of having every building material you could possibly need all under one roof makes Denmans the perfect choice for any construction task you could be contracted to do.


Another common name in the industrial wholesale world, Rexels has provided high-quality materials for over twenty years, their helpful staff is on hand for any of your construction inquiries and they have even been known to offer input on your construction jobs. Much like Denmans, those who work at Rexel are experts within the industry so you know you can trust any advice they give. Rexel is well renowned for stocking the very best power tools and the latest models as they become available on the market, in particular when it comes to welding equipment, the very best can be found at Rexel. As they stock some of the latest welding equipment I would highly recommend paying them a visit to find out some of the latest methods and advice on what would be best to use for the job you have been given, and interesting tips and tricks such as using welding wires to connect metal together (more details here) you can be sure you’re going to have the best experience.


Bestway is a pretty recent addition to the world of industrial wholesale, but in the short time they have been open they have built themselves a pretty good reputation. Bestway works with the very latest developments in construction to ensure they have the latest technology and materials available to their customers. By offering the latest developments for reasonable prices they have built their brand and are set to be one of the best industrial wholesalers available in 2021. Unlike their competitors who may not stock the most recent developments, Bestway works closely with some of the most high profile material development companies in order to ensure they have the latest technology available. The fact that they put so much focus on offering new products really sets them apart from their competitors and has guaranteed them a significant amount of custom.


Aston and Fincher

A final industrial wholesaler you should consider using if you are in the market for building materials or tools would have to be Aston and Fincher. Starting out as a small family run business they have built their way up to become a well-known name in the industry, they stock anything a construction worker could need and in the unlikely event they don’t have the product for you they are prepared to quickly source it for you. Although the business has undergone significant growth in the last few years, the family-run attitude towards their customer service has not changed, with professional, friendly staff I’m sure a visit to one of their stores is going to be a positive one, with high-quality materials readily available for all of your construction needs.


This past year has been a tumultuous one. Life as we knew it was turned on its head and things will likely never go back to normal again. And the commercial market is no exception to this huge paradigm shift.

Physical shopping is now riddled with new restrictions in terms of what we must wear while in the store and how we move about the aisles. And that’s great. Anything that keeps customers and staff safer during this troubling time is a huge plus in our books.

But it does mean a lot of businesses are struggling to stay afloat, particularly those without an online presence. But it seems some areas of the commercial market are actually on a steady increase. And it might surprise you.

We spoke to a few market experts and consumers to find out if the Power tool industry is set for a massive market boom in 2021.


Lockdown Construction

The power tool industry has always been fairly stable. As a business or casual user makes use of their power tools, they will encounter a certain amount of natural wear and tear. This means most power tool products will need to be repaired or replaced eventually, meaning the market always has demand.

In recent years, due to technology improving and becoming more resilient, the market numbers for this industry have dropped a bit. Nothing major but there is a definite decline.

Then the pandemic happened. A horrible, heartbreaking experience. People were forced to stay inside for months on end. And when it started the market saw a sudden sharp uptake in purchase numbers of power tools.

Our market expert attributes this to the sudden increase of people taking up DIY projects that they have been putting off, or families looking to work together and create something new in their garden. When people suddenly find themselves with time on their hands, it is amazing what products get boosted.

The sites that seemed to flourish were ones aimed at home users and individuals, rather than wholesalers or cooperate supply chains. It is this key bit of data that allows us to understand why this increase is taking place.


Website Analytics

Continuing our research, we asked some data analyzers to dig into the online stats in relation to power tool information and guides. They found the number of people looking online for how-to guides for power tools increased almost ten-fold within a month. A startling increase.

One of the more popular guides that were accessed was an impact driver guide. This information is important as it allows us to see what type of DIY work customers are partaking in. With that information to hand, our experts can safely predict what products are going to see a boost in sales in the coming month.

How? Any hardware store or DIY expert worth their salt will know exactly what tools, products, paints, and other materials will be used for any type of project. Even personalized art projects. So with that information to hand, we can carefully graph out the next few months of DIY sales.



Our research has to lead us to one conclusion. If the world continues in this upward trend of DIY and home improvement, the Power tool industry is set to boom in 2021. Most small scale retailers and home improvement stores will see a sharp increase in customers and sales.

But is this all good? We have to examine the other side of the argument as well. As one market booms, another will shrivel. And that is the industry of professional handymen and construction firms.

Normally relying on the fact that most home-owners won’t get their home renovations done themself, these professionals are going to take a serious hit as more people become self-sufficient.  And in an economic climate crippled by the pandemic, is this what we want?

Our advice is this. Get your hands stuck in with some fun DIY projects. Build a new shelf. Create something with the family. But if you do have a large renovation project that needs doing. Support the local economy and hire a professional. If we all do our part, we can build a better tomorrow