Sump Pump


If your sump pump is running continuously and won’t turn off, this is a major indication that there is an issue somewhere in the system. Thankfully, most of these problems should be simple to rectify. Usually, you will not need to replace your whole system. Learn why your sump pump may be constantly running.

Jammed Sump Pump Float Switches

This is probably one of the most common reasons as to why sump pumps fail. There will be a float switch somewhere in your system. The purpose of the float switch is to float up as the water in the sump pit rises. When this float switch gets to a certain point, the sump pump is turned on. This triggers the water to flow out. As the water flows out, the sump pump float switch will fall back down. This turns the system back off.

Your system is likely to be continually running as the sump pump switch has managed to get stuck in the ‘on’ position. This is something which needs to be rectified otherwise it could burn out your sump pump. If you look down into the pit, it is likely that the float switch will have managed to become latched onto a wire or something. All you need to do is free it and you should be good to go.

Sump Pump Checks Valve

It is very rare that this would be the reason as to why your sump pump has stopped working. The purpose of the sump pump check valve is to collect water. It will then pump it through the discharge line which takes water out of your house. There is a problem when the sump pump system empties the water and then turns off. If this happens, the water is going to fall back down the pipe. The system will turn back on, and the process will continue to repeat itself.
Most sump pumps should have a check valve built into them. The purpose of this check valve is to stop water flowing back into the pump. If the float switch is not stuck, there is a good chance that the check valve may have started to fail. You can replace these easily.

Plumbing Issues

There may not even be an issue with your sump pump. It could be down to a plumbing issue. If you have a sprinkler in your garden that is broken (the sprinkler is located underground), then it may be constantly pumping out water for your sump pump to work with. The same happens if you have a broken pipe. A common issue we have found is that people install permanent garden furniture and damage the pipes without even realizing it. Things like umbrella poles drilled into the ground are the most common cause of outdoor plumbing damage. We recommend you use portable furniture like the offset patio umbrellas at Thanos Home or Home Depot. And it is also a good idea to ask a plumber where exactly the pipes are under your garden.

The only way in which you are going to be able to deal with an issue like this is if you deal with the plumbing problem to begin with. Your best bet is to call in a plumber as they will be able to help you to ensure that there is no damage to pipes and the like. If there is, they will be able to deal with it.