Growing Veg: How to Properly Prepare your Garden Soil

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It won’t be long before the growing season is upon us again, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to be doing with our gardens. It’s never too early to start planning out what you want to grow and where especially when it comes to your fruit and vegetables.


Some crops benefit from rotation due to the nutrients they take from the soil, but there are ways to prepare your soil so you don’t have to do this. One obvious way to do this will be to use fertilizer. There are many different fertilizers, and some are suited to some plants better than others. You can put some in the soil prior to planting or give it to the plants in a water-based solution after planting.

If you have a large number of plots you need to fertilize, and ones that all need different fertilizer, this can seem to be a daunting task to do by hand. However, you can get a two behind spreader to use in your garden to make the job quicker and easier, such as the ones described here at verellenhc.com/outdoors/best-tow-behind-spreader but these would only be good for prior to planting.


Tilling the soil is essential to encourage good plant growth but it is especially essential for growing vegetables. Root vegetables will need good soil that they can push down through to grow properly, and tall vegetable such as sweetcorn needs to be able to grow a good root system, and untilled soil can prevent the growth. Not only that, but tilling the soil can help to move the nutrients through it, and help the little bugs (such as worms) that are vital to the quality of the soil be able to move through it easier.

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