How Powerful Are Industrial Floor Cleaners and Should You Invest In One?

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An industrial floor is a seamless concrete floor, it has many features that make it more suitable than a normal floor in many locations, indoor and outdoor, most commonly used in places such as a warehouse where a lot of heavy machinery is used. Traditional industrial floors have important features such as they are more durable, meaning they’ll be more resistant to scratches, dents, and just general damage that can be caused from day to day operations. They are usually flat, impermeable, and have great thermal insulation to help prevent the structure from being damaged. Machinery is heavy so industrial floors absolutely have to be able to withstand compression, the concrete is usually reinforced with mesh to give it a strong tensile strength as well as compressive strength. One of the most important features of an industrial floor is vital in keeping any workers safe during their shifts, as the floor is concrete and there is usually heavy machinery around if a staff member were to fall it could be dangerous. Therefore, industrial floors must be non-slip floors to protect workers and prevent any major accidents.

Why Use Industrial Floor Cleaners?

It’s so important that you know how to properly clean hardwood floors to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. Industrial floors usually cover a very large surface area so it can be a time-consuming task to ensure they’re cleaned thoroughly. When it comes to industrial floors your standard mop and floor cleaner might not be the best choice. Luckily though with industrial floors comes industrial floor cleaners.


The first industrial floor cleaner is the most useful – the vacuum. Industrial vacuums are considerably bigger than a household vacuum and have a much greater capacity meaning you won’t have to keep emptying it, they also can hoover up both wet and dry things leaving your floors already looking much cleaner.


The industrial sweeper is another great cleaner, it’s easy to control and very safe, it simply uses rotating brushes to sweep dirt from the floor into a container that can be easily disposed of when you’ve swept the whole floor.

Scrubber Driers

It is equally as important to remove any underlying dirt as well as surface-level dirt as any underlying dirt that’s left can compromise the integrity of the floor structure. Scrubber driers are used to remove the underlying dirt, they mirror the action of using a small scrubber, but on a much larger scale. It uses a special type of detergent and a great feature of the machine is that the way it works stops the floor from getting too wet as that can be a health & safety hazard. They are much more powerful and efficient than if you were to use your equipment from home, using any other basic equipment is not recommended.

Should You Invest?

If you have an industrial floor then investing in floor cleaners is a necessity, no doubt about it. It would be a ridiculously difficult task to clean your floor without them. The price of industrial floor cleaners ranges anywhere from $600 to $20,000. We would recommend buying a mid-range one as if you were to buy the cheapest the likelihood is it won’t last as long or be as good so you’ll either spend more on replacing it or on maintenance costs over the years. We also don’t recommend spending $20,000 on floor cleaners as there are some great ones available at much lower prices. Another option if you don’t have the cash available yet is to hire equipment to use whilst you save to invest in your own.

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