The Builders Guide to Saving Money On Your Home Repairs

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Maintaining your home can end up being a very expensive thing but it’s an important thing to keep on top of as without having a good routine for home maintenance it leads to more expensive larger repairs being needed. Home repairs can be extremely expensive, especially if you don’t have much general knowledge around the various different things that can cause damage as it can leave you in a position where you can be overcharged for a repair service purely because of lack of knowledge. Even if you are knowledgeable about home repairs; what the problems are, how they can be solved, what materials are needed to fix the problem etc. This builder’s guide on saving can still help you with some extra tips and tricks on how you too can save some money on home repairs. Many builders advise that to keep on top of home repairs you should factor into your savings 1% of your home’s value, so if your home costs $200,000 then you should save $2,000 a year to be prepared for repairs as a general rule. If you live in an older house then it’s advised that you should save more as older houses are more likely to develop more problems, this is also the case with new build houses as they have a higher chance of developing issues.

Do it Yourself

This is the number one piece of advice that any builder could give as it is the single best way to save money on your home repairs. What problems you can deal with alone depends on your level of skill and how much knowledge you have. Even as a total beginner there will be plenty of issues you can fix around your home, some that a builder’s guide recommended include thing such as fixing a patchy lawn, you can save lots of money by doing this yourself rather than paying a large amount to a lawn company to fix it with chemicals. Beginners could also fix their own dishwashers that are letting off bad smells, this is one of the simplest issues that people call in handymen for, but it’s simple to fix, simply remove any food scraps that have built up and run an empty dishwasher cycle to let the dishwasher clean itself. There are so many more repairs around the home that beginners could do themselves with just a bit of home research, if you are a beginner however then it’s good to make sure you feel confident you can repair the issue you’re trying to fix as if you make it worse it could end up costing you more.

Research & Reviews

The other big piece of advice that builders give about how to save on home repairs is that if you can’t do the repair yourself, then do adequate research on the handymen you’re looking at hiring, look at previous reviews and check that they’re a quality professional. If you hire a builder who isn’t fully qualified, they could make a mess of the repairs they do in your home, for example, truly exclusive roofing leads are hard to find but it’s worth putting the effort in to find. If you hire someone who attempts a job but messes it up, you won’t realize straight away that they’ve done an unsatisfactory job and it’s usually hard to get your money back from them. This means you’ll have to hire another builder to fix the mess and you’ll end up paying twice. This is why the best piece of advice is to read reviews and ensure you’re getting a high-quality builder in the first place.

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